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We love measuring!

We measure both residential and commercial properties! If you are a Realtor in North Carolina, you are required to get each of your listings measured. You probably don’t enjoy measuring, but we do! All properties measured by our team are measured by appraisers and certified home measuring specialists, using a precise laser measuring device.

Our team has measured over 40,000+ properties in the Triangle area! When every square foot matters, you want to work with someone that will find every single one. Properties will be measured using the North Carolina Real Estate Commission guidelines, which will ensure 100% compliance for your advertised square footage.

We offer four options for our measurement service:

  • Basic Sketch
    Precise home sketch with square footage, room dimensions, and all exterior walls.
  • Detailed Floor Plan
    Basic Sketch, plus all interior walls, doors, stairs, and features like toilets/sinks.
  • Commercial Sketch
    Measurement of commercial space – can be Basic Sketch or Detailed Floor Plan. *Commercial pricing will be quoted upon order receipt
  • Buyer Measuring Service
    Square footage verification service to provide additional assurance for buyers when they suspect the reported square footage may be inaccurate. Order a Basic Sketch, use code BUYER to save $20 off the price! Only includes sketch with living areas, basement, and garage.
Raleigh Real Estate Home Measurement & Floor Plans
raleigh real estate floor plans & home measurement
Raleigh Floor Plans and Home Measurement
  • 40,000+ listings
  • 100% NCREC compliance

In our experience, getting a listing measured is one of the places that tends to get skipped. We have received dozens of calls from Realtors that have done this- and found out too late that their advertised square footage wasn’t accurate. Using the tax records, an old appraisal, builder plans, or just using the seller’s best guess is the fastest way to get in trouble with the NCREC or be sued.

Builder plans are usually 5-10% off, and tax record measurements are many times just a guess based on what the outside of the house looks like. If you use an old appraisal – you’re putting your license and possibly tens of thousands of dollars on the line using a sketch done by a person you’ve never met. Even if you don’t use us to measure – getting your listings professionally measured is a great investment in protecting yourself!

- Angie Cole

Harmon Property Solutions is beyond the absolute best real estate photographer out there.... they are very professional, courteous, and reliable. I would recommend them to anyone needing professional photography and home measurements at a very fair price.

As you know, detached homes, townhome, and condo units are all measured differently here in North Carolina. We will make sure to measure each type correctly:

Detached Home

Measured to the outermost surface of the home, excluding unfinished areas like garages


Measured to the outermost surface, and 6″ into the common walls for interior units

Condominium Units

Measured to the interior surface only – whether that is sheetrock, concrete, or glass

A real estate agent's primary responsibility in marketing a listing's square footage is to not misrepresent the property.

We carefully consider each room of a house to make sure it meets the criteria for living area. Sunrooms, bonus rooms, low ceilings, unusual heating sources, lack of windows, restricted access- each of these carries its own set of rules and regulations.

Our team is trained to sort this out and protect your interests. We have found this to be the most accurate way to get a measurement on a home.

30,000+ Homes in the Triangle Served

We are committed to providing an excellent experience and it shows – Our team has serviced over 30,000 listings in the Triangle area!

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